May 3, 2020

Models OF Iron Stairs – See Our Selection With 50 Pictures

By Naman Rastogi

The iron stairs have come out of commercial projects and are now found in residential environments due to their durability and safety. With a bolder design, it allows several ways of design to become a work of art inside your home.

It works in the same way as a concrete or wood staircase, with no limit in size, height and space. So you can get an incredible result with a modern look.

There are several models and finishes that make it special and with a lot of personality. The shape of the step is the main feature to make it eye-catching, and it can be suspended by metallic wires or with triangular shapes. The guardrail gives a perfect effect, you can use glass, wood or an iron plate, which results in a heavy but beautiful environment.

There is the most classic snail-type staircase model, which is great for small spaces, as it has no connected steps and follows a comfortable climbing flight.

For homes with children, the iron staircase may be the ideal choice. It is so safe that the steps are non-slip and have a strong handrail. And if you want greater safety, insert a fully enclosed guardrail with the material that harmonizes with the metal structure of the ladder.


Image 1 – Red iron ladder  

Image 2 – Black iron ladder 

Image 3 – Iron ladder for loft 

Image 4 – Iron ladder without handrail 

Image 5 – White triangular step iron ladder 

Image 6 – Two flights of iron ladder 

Image 7 – corten steel ladder 

Image 8 – Suspended iron ladder 


Image 9 – Black iron ladder with handrail 

Image 10 – Iron ladder with perforated plate 


Image 11 – Iron ladder with guardrail 

Image 12 – Iron ladder with metal wires 

Image 13 – Small iron ladder 

Image 14 – Iron ladder with metal structure 

Image 15 – Black iron ladder 

Image 16 – Minimalist style iron ladder  


Image 17 – Iron ladder stuck to the wall with wooden step  

Image 18 – Iron staircase with orthogonal step 


Image 19 – Iron staircase with glass railing and wooden handrail  

Image 20 – Iron staircase with rounded finishing step 

Image 21 – Iron Ladder with one throw 

Image 22 – Iron ladder with metal plate on the side 

Image 23 – Copper iron ladder 

Image 24 – Simple iron ladder 

Image 25 – Iron ladder for loft 


Image 26 – Classic style iron ladder  

Image 27 – Red iron ladder 

Image 28 – Industrial style iron ladde 

Image 29 – Iron ladder with structure under the step 


Image 30 – Snail style iron ladder 


Image 31 – Iron ladder with red metallic structure 

Image 32 – Cast iron step ladder 

Image 33 – Black triangular step iron ladder 

Image 34 – Iron ladder with metal structure and stone step 

Image 35 – Blue iron ladder

Image 36 – Iron ladder with shelves 

Image 37 – Iron ladder suspended by metallic wires 

Image 38 – White snail iron ladder

Image 39 – Thin iron ladder 

Image 40 – Iron ladder with zen garden

Image 41 – Iron Ladder with different step

Image 42 – Simple iron ladder 

Image 43 – Yellow iron ladder

Image 44 – Modern style iron ladder

Image 45 – Straight cast iron ladder

Image 46 – Iron ladder with tilojinho wall 

Image 47 – Snail iron ladder


Image 48 – Iron ladder with metal wires  

Image 49 – Iron staircase with guardrail coming off the step

Image 50 – Black iron ladder with metal wires